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April 2019

After about two  hours drive from Krsko we started approaching Nova Gorica, a larger town other than Ljubljana on-route to Kamp Koren. Google maps seemingly trying to keep us just within Slovenia and out of Italy all along the border with the emerald green Soča river to the left and the clouds blanketing the large mountains on the Italian side. The scenery definitely started changing from an already beautiful countryside with small towns to a distinct change in an even more impressive landscape all the way to Kobarid.

Just before arriving at Kamp Koren we passed over the famous Napoleon bridge then a left turn on to Kamp Koren which is nestled between the mountains and the Soča river. We parked and entered the cozy wooden reception building where Lidija the owner of Kamp Koren met us, offered us a hot coffee and offered us a list of activities that we could choose from before handing over the key to our wooden cabin.

The wooden cabin had all that was needed for a comfortable stay, parking right in front, kitchen, lounge, two bedrooms and central heating which was welcome in the rainy weather. After settling in we met Lidija again at reception and she drove us to the first world war museum in Kobarid in her battery powered hybrid Volvo. The museum was well worth the visit and to our surprise the battles were fought right there in Kobarid and the museum brings the reality and experiences of  the war back to life with all the displays they have.

We also went on to the memorial where all the casualties of war are recorded on a hill not far from the museum, many bodies were found there that were not buried also and the names of the known deceased soldiers are recorded on stone plaques. This memorial overlooks the town of Kobarid on a high hilltop and was worth the visit.

Back into Lidija’s battery powered Volo we headed to a Church high on a mountain where Lidija went to fetch the keys from the key-keeper. Upon entering the church we were amazed at the beautiful painted ceilings and original pipe organ dating back about one hundred years.

Lidija kindly drove us thereafter to her brother Davorin’s house where we were served by Sanja his wife different cheese from cream cheese togouda to Parmesan all made by Davorin himself. This delicious meal was followed by Davorin demonstrating his cheese making skill, we entered a rather small warm room where the already lit fire was keeping a very old well polished shiny copper pot in its inside of about 150 litre capacity one-third filled with un-pasturized milk from their cows. This was the start of cheese-making. We were afforded the opportunity in helping out under the watchful supervision and instruction by Davorin of course by being allowed to stir the milk periodically until it was ready for the next phase. Davorin’s expertise passed down from his father, grand father and his studies in this field ensured a high quality cheese in the end.

Returning to the cabin well after midnight we enjoyed a very peaceful quiet nights sleep, waking up after ten the next morning we met Lidija again at reception where she served us with a coffee and a croissant. Kamp Koren also has large camping grounds so many of the campers were enjoying coffee and a breakfast with us too.

Lidija walked with us to a waterfall near her campgrounds and along the way we saw many available activities like e-bike rental, zip line, climbing walls and other walking trails and also canoeing which is all available at her place.

She has a gym, salt room, special-experience cabins and a conference room also available.

We will definitely return to Kamp Koren as there are so many activities available there and this place is truly a hidden gem.

We would like to thank Radio SI for giving us this pleasant opportunity to visit Kamp Koren.

Chris and Sonja

Photos: Chris& Sonja