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Ortenia–Eco apartments are located in nature in the thermal part of Slovenia, at the heart of Kozjansko in the village of Podčetrtek. There are a total of six eco-accommodations based on modern principles of innovative, sustainable construction that offer sustainable tourist services.

People manage to find less and less free time for such activities as exploring our beautiful nature and its hidden corners. Thus, Ortenia provides a sensation of floating on a cloud in the middle of nature. One side of an individual apartment offers magnificent views over the antique part of the market of Podčetrtek and a mighty castle building on top of a hill. The other graces you with all the luxuries of the Garden of Eden, and opens onto a terrace, which is itself a piece of paradise for each separate apartment.

In addition to being surrounded by beautiful nature, our villas were built using sustainable construction methods, employing natural materials, and each suite is furnished with natural wood furniture—all designed and made in Slovenia. Guests can enjoy the local delicacies produced by the surrounding farms. Chances are you will not be able to resist exploring the beautiful, inviting surroundings, which offer a variety of natural and cultural treasures.

Staying at the Ortenia apartments will surley touch all of your senses.

Day 1
13:00: Arrival to Ortenia apartments. Relaxing in the garden and enjoying a cup of herbal tea from Monastery Olimje.
15:00: 30 min relaxation massage with GOLD OIL in Ortenia apartments. The massage leaves the skin nicely firm and elastic with a lovely, natural and youthful radiance.
17:00: Short drive to restaurant Amon Olimje, where they will serve the best food from their kitchen. It is all natural and prepared with utmost care, based on our traditions and knowledge.
19:00: Heading back to Ortenia apartments. Evening relaxing in Spa center Ortenia with two saunas and outdoor jacuzzi.

Day 2
09:00 Breakfast – basket of local delicacies will wait in the front of the apartment door. Breakfast is composed exclusively of the surrounding delicacies.
10:00 Bicycle rental in apartments Ortenia and excursion to the castle and the beautiful nearby forest.
12:00 Short drive to village Olimje where you can visit Monastery Olimje and the third oldest pharmacy in Europe. From there, the path will lead you to the chocolate factory.
14:00 Visit the Deer ridge (Jelenov Greben) where you can feed deers, have a lunch and visit their shop “Zlata skrinjica” were products are carefully crafted by hand. They use only local ingredients and packed them nicely.

Škofja gora 36
3254 Podčetrtek
SI – Slovenija, Evropa
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