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July 2022


Our day started in the city center where we met our guide. Our first destination was Čebelarstvo Dremelj. Here we got a tour on their beekeeping farm. They are widely known for their queen breeding program. Afterwards they served us a delicious breakfast with a lot of honey, of course.

Our second destination was the Šmartno pri Litiji city center. Our guide took us to the church of St. Martin. The church was built out of bricks produced back in the days in it’s own village. The interior was also worth seeing and revealed interesting facts.

At noon we went to Gostilna pri Mačku where we tasted a traditional dish, prepared by the chef’s grandmother. We had the pleasure to meet the chef and he gave us some facts about the history of the ‘Gostilna’ and he showed us his wine cellar.

Our third destination was Primskovo. First we went on top of the hill where we could see 3 churches and some leftovers from the anti-Turkish defensive wall. Afterwards eco-farm Vodnjov welcomed us with some tastefull fruity snacks and took us for a walk in a part of their farm.

Our last stop was at the Bogenšperk castle. They offered us immediately a glass of Wagenšperg sparkling wine, which we gladly accepted. Our guide gave us a lot of interesting info about the famous Slovenian polyhistor Valvasor, who lived and worked in this castle.

To end our busy day, we got pampered with a culinary castle dinner and a visit to the wine cellar.

Although our day was quite busy, we really enjoyed every moment!

Thanks to Radio for giving us the opportunity to go on a daytrip around this beautiful country.

Ruth and Elly

Photos by:  Ruth & Elly