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April 2019

We were excited to explore the small town of Tržič, especially because Trixie had spent two weeks shooting a film there—but it was all work and no play. Thanks to Hidden Gems, she was able to return for a new experience and Luke was able to meet some of the lovely people she worked with. Together, we shared the chance to relax, explore, and dive into the fascinating history and folklore of Tržič.

A fairytale cabin
Our experience began at the Mountain Fairytale Glamping Resort nestled on a hillside by Bistrica pri Tržiču. Though close to the amenities of town, the property was surrounded by lush trees and mountain views. Our wonderful host and guide Miha greeted us warmly with a round of walnut schnapps, and then another. He led us to our cabin – nicknamed after St. Anne, a prominent character in the town’s folktales. One of eight currently at the resort, the cabin struck a perfect balance between cozy and modern. Though it looked small from outside, the cabin was thoughtfully designed to fit everything one needs: a small kitchenette, dining table, bathroom with a shower, and a large bed with another in the loft above. The modern alpine cabin smelled of wood; its many windows let in natural light and looked out to lush trees. Once we settled in, we learned all about St. Anne from the fairytale artwork and story hung on the cabin walls.

It’s all in the details
 We’ve visited several charming towns during our eight months in Slovenia but as Miha led us through Tržič, we realized we had barely scratched the surface. Tržič had typical pastel-coloured buildings and a church on a hill, but Miha told us local legends and pointed out hidden details we would have missed. We heard the tale of the witch who bewitched a rooster, which grew into a mighty dragon and moved the old settlers of Tržič further down the valley to its present-day location. We also learned about Tržič’s artisanal and industrial heritage as Miha pointed out large factories, like Peko, and tiny architectural details, like “nosy windows” and green volcanic stone portals.

Then Vilja, a curator of the town’s exceptional historical museum, gave us a glimpse into the Tržič of old. She showed us around the oldest original house in Tržič, Kurnikova Hiša, which is still heated by its “black kitchen”. Next, the Tržiški Muzej brought the town’s rich history to life. It turns out that Tržič was not just an important medieval trading town, or a centre of fine craftsmanship, or a producer of famous Yugoslavian shoes, or a cradle of Slovenian skiing—but all of these things.

Gourmet food, gostilna atmosphere
We capped the perfect day of sightseeing with a hearty meal at Gostišče Karavla Koren. Trixie was both surprised and delighted to bump into Damjan again. He catered for the film production and hosted a fantastic celebration after shooting finished. We feasted on mushroom soup, venison goulash, and Slovenian wild boar—all sourced locally and cooked to perfection. We had wonderful conversation with Miha and Damjan, plus the chance to discover our new favourite dessert: vanilla ice cream with pumpkin seed oil. If you haven’t tried this yet, YOU MUST!!!

A hot soak under the stars (and schnapps!)
Just when we thought the day couldn’t get any better, we came home to a bottle of champagne to enjoy in our private wood-fired hot tub. We soaked and sipped under the stars, amidst the rustling of trees and beneath a full moon.

An abandoned mine and castle ruins
We awoke to a picnic basket on our porch table and had a relaxing breakfast in the open air. After, it was time to delve deep into the old mine of Tržič. Miha equipped us with helmets and torches then led us into the tunnels and caverns where quicksilver was once mined. Deep underground, we spent a minute in total darkness—a thrilling experience that made us appreciate this rare opportunity.

Back in the fresh air and warm sun, Bojan showed us the castle ruins hidden in the mountains above the town. Bojan is a local guide who passionately works to preserve the old castle and its history. We loved learning that he used to pass the castle on his daily walk to school just as much as we loved learning about the castle’s history and the legend of the King’s greedy daughter.

Whether or not her royal treasure is still buried beneath the castle, we have been enchanted by the many wonders of Tržič.

The best of Tržič
In the end, what we loved most about our Trails of Fairytales and Legends experience in Trżič were our fantastic hosts, genuine local stories, and the perfect balance of history and nature. We’ll definitely return to Tržič to hike Loibl pass, experience Cobbler’s Sunday, and visit our new friends.

Hvala lepa to Miha from Mountain Fairytale Glamping, Vilja from the Tržiški Muzej, Damjan from Gostišče Karavla Koren, and Bojan of Apartma Sonce Balkonce, as well as Ksenja and Radio Si.

Trixie and Luke

Photos: Trixie & Luke