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Murska Sobota, the heart of Pomurje region is the best starting point for exploring the tourist attractions, nature, tradition and delicious culinary of the region. Take a tour at the newest tourist attraction in Pomurje – Expano pavilion which offers an unforgettable experience. The newly developed Soboško Lake at the pavilion offer many activities around it. Enter the incredible architectural feat that reveals the entire Pomurje region in an inventive and innovative way. Come for the active experiences and leave wanting more content that is available just around the corner or in several other towns in Pomurje.

In regional tourist information center in Expano you get tourist information and possibility to book holidays and tourist packages which includes all the best of Pomurje. You should also taste the traditional culinary of Pomurje in a restaurant with a magnificent view on the Soboško Lake. The nearest mansion offers the touch of tradition with a shade of modernity and from Expano you can get there with a modern carriage.

The city offers you the taste of local wines, regional culinary and tasting different beers in post-apocalyptic steampunk bar and in local brewery where they serve a home-brewed beer. After all day experiences you arrive on over 170 years old Prekmurje Homestead, in Hotel Štrk****, which get a Flattering title ‚Affordable luxury hotel of the year 2016‘ and offers you relaxation and pampering in wellness. Feel the nature and relax in the Mura River Biosphere Reserve on the Island of love where an experience of traditional wooden raft ride is waiting for you. Enjoy the peaceful place at the open fire and pop up a ”pajani krüj”.

We are convinced that Sobota Lake will give you a lot more than you might expect from it. Visitors can choose from many different activities – sporting, cultural, relaxation, or those that will entertain you late into the night. You can put on flippers, drop your SUP, surfboard, or even a boat into the water, or simply put on a swimwear and enjoy your stay until sundown or even longer.

There comes a time when you only wish to sit around and do nothing, to relax by taking a stroll through hills and valleys. Come, sit, and grab a bite. Maybe that will be the moment when someone performs at the lake whose voice you enjoy so much. Those who like sports activities could test their motor skills on 35 different devices in the exercise park at Soboško Lake.

Day 1
10:00 Arrive to the Regional TIC in pavilion Expano (Bakovska street 41, 9000 Murska Sobota)
10:15 Get a tour through the exhibition in Expano
11:30 Take a short trip with a carriage to the nearest mansion and back
13:00 Have a tasty Prekmurje lunch in the restaurant in pavilion Expano
15:00 Experience a beer tour in the post-apocalyptic steampunk bar and in local brewery
18:00 Arrive in Hotel Štrk**** and relax in sauna or Jacuzzi
20:00 Traditional ‘Prekmurje’ dinner in Lovenjakov dvor next to the Hotel Štrk****

Day 2
8:00 Have a breakfast at Hotel Štrk****
10:00 Taste local specialties in ‘Hranilnica prekmurskih dobrot’ in Murska Sobota
12:00 Visit the Love Island on the Mura River and experience their tradition
13:00 For the end of you trip jump into Soboško Lake and try out some activities on the water

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