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SCOUTS: Ron and Zinka Metz

18, Jan 2018

We arrived in Laško about 2:30 pm. We drove through several side streets to arrive at Prenoščisče Savinja and it was nice to see some of the old city area. It was easy to find, and relatively easy to find a parking space, being it is in the old part of Laško. We were greeted by Polona, who right away made us feel very welcome. As we were walking to our room we noticed how everything was done nicely in hard wood. We stayed in room 3, which was very spacey and homey feeling. The room was also done in hard wood and was nicely decorated with a couch, table and chairs that also made us feel welcome. Awaiting us was a personal welcoming card, a nice bottle of Laško Weiser beer and a beer filled chocolate which of course we enjoyed right away since we had time before we met our guide.

After we met our guide Barbara, we walked to the Laško Brewery for our tour. On our way there, Barbara explained and told us about the history of Laško. We enjoyed the well informed tour through the automated brewery and learned about the history of Laško Brewery in the museum. When we left, Barbara took us through some of the side streets on the way to Thermana Laško. We walked along the river Savinja for about 15 minutes where we were able to see some of the lovely architecture and hear more of the history of Laško. When we arrived at Thermana Laško we were greeted with a very friendly staff that explained everything that we would be doing. They showed us the way to our own personal spa. It was a lovely room with dim lights, a Jacuzzi spa, a shower, relaxing music, and pleasantly surprised with a bucket of iced Laško beer and prosciutto. They put hops essential oils, that had a wonderful sweet smell and gave us very soft skin, being that we were in the spa for an hour and we were feeling quite relaxed. We then were greeted by the masseuses which did a wonderful job. They were careful, not rough and left us feeling relaxed and refreshed. We were then treated to infused lemon water and tea. The staff then showed us to the restaurant where our waiter greeted us and took us to a nice quiet, candle lit table. Our waiter promptly brought us an appetizer of bread with cracklins and a Laško beer. The first course of the meal was beef soup with beer batter crepes. The second course was a zander filet in beer marinade, julienne vegetables, and polenta. The third course was pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon, a parsnip puree, onions, herbs and vegetables cooked in beer and a Laško Weiser beer. The waiter offered to open the door to the terrace overlooking the river in which we took in some cool air and let the food settle for the upcoming dessert, a chocolate soufflé served with Laško dark beer, which was a wonderful combination. After our delightful dinner we walked back to the Savinja B&B through the park along the river about 10:00 in the evening. We arrived to our room which was comfortably warm after the evening walk.

We slept well. The bed was comfortable and it was very quiet. In the morning we went down for breakfast and met Barbara our guide who offered to make scrambled eggs for me. We also had salami, cheese, yogurt, jams, toast and rolls.

We then went to the Laško Enigmarium Escape Room which is in the same building. We did not know what to expect, but we were looking forward to the game. Barbara our guide/cook/game master, made the game an awesome experience. The game makes you use your senses and your mind. We thought that we did ok, we needed a few clues once in a while to get us through, but that is part of the experience of having a great time working with your spouse or friends together. We are looking forward taking family and friends to try a different escape room in the near future and will probably try them all.

This was a wonderful experience for us and we are very thankful to Lidija and the team from Radio Si, the wonderful staff at Prenočišče Savinja B&B that made our stay wonderful and we look forward to seeing again, the staff at Thermana Laško that were courteous, professional, and friendly. Special thanks to Barbara, who went out of her way to make our stay memorable. Everyone liked to speak English and would tell us it is good practice for them. Their English is great and we enjoyed talking with everyone. We had a wonderful time and made some new friends.

Ron and Zinka Metz